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Frequently Asked Questions

iPhone Screen Replacement

Q : Do the LCD Screens have a warranty?  Yes. Cloud 9 Global guarantees you a 30 day warranty on all of our LCD Screens (Any Physical or Water Damage will void warranty).

Q : Can you fix an LCD Screen that has extreme damage/no picture/no light?  Yes. If your iPhone still has power and function, our NEW LCD Screen Replacement service will replace your broken screen with a Factory NEW LCD Screen and bring your phone back to normal function.

Q : What is the timeframe of receiving your repaired iPhone? Your device will be repaired and shipped back within 1 business day upon receiving. 

Q : Will we ever ask for your passcode?  No, we will never request a passcode or any other personal information for your iPhone Screen/Parts Replacement.

Q : Can you fix touch screen problems?  Yes, when we replace your screen, the touch screen and all other features will function as new.

Q : Can you fix the Fingerprint Touch ID feature?  Please contact us for specific repair inquiries.  Our New Screen Replacement more then often resolves the Touch ID feature.

Q: Do you buy broken/unwanted devices? Yes, please email us with the specific iPhone model you want to sell and get instant cash.

Q: Do you repair iPad/iPod or other devices (Samsung Galaxy)?  We do not fix other devices other than iPhone.  For iPad Repair services contact us for specific iPad model repairs. 


iPhone Parts Replacement

Q : Do you fix other parts for iPhone that are not listed?  Yes, Please contact us with other specific requests for iPhone Parts Replacement. 

Q: Do you offer warranty on iPhone Parts Replacement? Yes, we offer a 30 day warranty on all of our Replacement iPhone Parts giving there is no Physical/Water Damage.

Q: Can you repair the front camera on an iPhone? Yes, please contact us with the specific service you need. Front Camera Part Replacement will be added soon.

Q: Can you repair the home button for iPhone? Yes, please contact us with detailed problems for home button Replacement inquiries. 

Q: Do you sell Screen Protectors for iPhone? Yes, we do sell Screen Protectors, check out the Accessories page. 

VHS to DVD Conversion

Q: What is the turnaround time of a VHS to DVD Conversion? The return time frame for VHS to DVD Conversion is 1-2 business days upon receiving. Bulk orders may take longer to convert. 

Q: Is the VHS to DVD conversion safe/secure/private? Yes, your personal information/videos will be 100% private, safe and secure. We never view your VHS Tapes. Once converted to DVD, we save a backup copy of your VHS Tape to our storage drives in case of lost/damaged converted DVDs.

Q: Can you convert other forms of Tapes to DVD other than VHS Tapes? Yes, we convert VHS/S-VHS/VHS-C/Mini DV

Q: Can you convert a VHS Tape that is damaged or does not play? Yes, we offer a VHS Tape Repair service that will fix your damaged VHS Tape.  

VHS to Digital File Conversion

Q: What types of formats are available for VHS to Digital Conversion? We offer the following formats: (.mp4 / .mov / .mpg / .avi). For any other formats please contact us. 

Q: How will I receive the Digital File? We will convert your VHS Tape to your preferred Digital File Format and save it to a Data DVD. You can transfer the Digital File from the Data DVD to a computer

Q: Can you save the Digital File to a USB Flash Drive? Yes, if you provide the USB Flash Drive with the proper storage amount, we will save the Digital File to your storage device.

Q: Which format should I choose? .mp4/.mpg/.avi plays on almost all devices.  .mp4 is the most commonly used format.  .mov is the iphone video format, which you can send and view .mov files through text message.